C++17 modern game engine, multithreading and ECS features.

cpp, opengl, game engine, ecs, games


Algo trading bot with deep learning predictions.

crypto bot, deep learning, lstm, gru, mlp


Docker service discovery agent paired with dynamic reverse proxy for scalable and monitored microservices.

go, docker swarm, nginx, observability


I'm a polyglot, very comfortable with backend languages but I believe in the right tool for the job. My main focus is backend engineering, distributed architectures, container orchestration and databases. I'm very interested in blockchain, machine learning and big data.


  • Rust
  • Go
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • Python
  • JavaScript/Typescript

Tech Stacks

  • Backend Engineering | Rust (Hyper, Axum) - Go (Fiber, Mux, Fasthttp) - Python (FastAPI, Sanic) - Redis, NATS, SurrealDB
  • Blockchain | Algorand (PyTEAL, AlgoSigner) - Polkadot Substrate
  • Data Platform | Databricks - Kafka - Spark - Airflow
  • Data Science | keras, tensorflow, sklearn, Pandas, Matplotlib, numpy, seaborn
  • Frontend | TypeScript (SvelteKit, Skeleton UI)
  • DevOps & Infra | AWS, Datadog, ELK, Kubernetes (k3s), Docker, Github Actions
  • Databases | SurrealDB, RethinkDB, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, CouchbaseDB